EU unveils five-year digital economy plan

If you are going to look at the targets, they not really are going to be delivered in that span of five-year. It maybe that is to initially put all of the foundations (e.g. infrastructure to be laid out all of EU) necessary to accomplished the mentioned targets. After the infrastructure and other critical dependencies has been deployed and ready, I am thinking enabling the services would no longer be that hard considering said foundation has been carefully planned, designed and delivered to provide necessary services to the member countries and stakeholders.

EurActiv have just posted on 19 May 2010, European time, a report by European Union’s five-year plan to concentrate on infrastructure for high-speed Internet.

The following are the main objectives in support of the said plan: 

  • Ultra-fast broadband by 2020: 50% of European households should have subscriptions above 100Mbps (no baseline).
  • Promoting eCommerce: 50% of the population should be buying online by 2015.
  • Cross-border eCommerce: 20% of the population should be buying across borders online by 2015.
  • Single market for telecoms services: the difference between roaming and national tariffs should approach zero by 2015.
  • ICT R&D increase: Double public investment to €11 billion.

Click above link, the EU’s Digital Agenda and their i2010 programme to see the complete report and other details.

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