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Showing posts from February, 2022 show more with a service' recurrent incident

Have you been using, or watching, as your primary resource to monitor your digital service performance, if not unscheduled downtime, for a long time, and have been going back and forth for it? It's where some people like us, technology savvy and the curious we knew, go to quickly learn about some digital services, whether household or corporate resource are being affected, and the impact of others, associated or not, with those in the current incident, as they are listed, either in the mobile app or its website counterpart.  Did you know that there are few services that never gets to the list, too? We'll give them 5 star if we can. While the majority of those companies and brands in its categories including telecommunications, finance, internet, social media and gaming, shows up repeatedly. This is true regardless of where your country, which a present disruption and instability is happening, the moment you checked the status of a service,  and if trying to be

Progressive web applications

 Just another way to make life easier in a technology environment.  If you have been using internet browsers for your business applications i.e. ERP and technology platforms i.e. webmail, and it becomes tiring to go to your bookmarks every time, worse if you are still typing the URL for every website you visit repeatedly, then PWA may just be the answer for that. PWA works with any general purpose computers like Windows, MacOS and Linux and with your mobile devices, too. When you are in mobile and having a hard time finding the PWA setup, simply switch to desktop screen and do it from there.  How about if I already have dedicated applications and I don't necessarily used internet browsers? There is nothing we can do if there is no other way to do your work except for using the given application. In other cases like mail clients i.e. Outlook and Thunderbird, when your connection is rough you might want to try using PWA. Applications like mail clients are heavier compared to PWA. The