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Could this be the greatest news for Earth and mankind 2023 beyond?

A scientific assessment of ozone depletion 2022 conducted by international organizations and government agencies says the ozone is healing.  The document's executive summary identifies the highlights including -Major achievement of the Montreal Protocol, -Current scientific and policy changes, -Future policy considerations.

dotPH improved 24/7 downtime monitoring system

As a customer, I am updated with dotPH notification. Here is the new one, see below, received 7 May 2010.

To our valued client,

This is to inform you that we have expanded our downtime monitoring system to provide you better service. In addition to our 24/7 automated monitoring system, we have now assigned personnel to attend to webhosting and dotPH site downtime issues even after office hours.

To report downtimes, call our office at (+632) 6372104-05, 6336906, 6354152 or 6384483. Leave a voicemail stating your domain name, mobile number, email address and the details of the downtime. Please be as specific as possible -- the more details you can provide, the better it will help us address the issue quickly and efficiently.

A text message will be sent to the personnel on duty informing them that a downtime issue has been reported. An email containing a recording of your voicemail will also be sent to ensure that the downtime can be resolved as soon as possible.

For all other concerns not related to downtimes, please call us during office hours (Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 6:00pm GMT+8) or send an email to [email protected].

Thank you and best regards,



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[TW] IT documents, audit and leaders

IT documents comes with different names such as the following: - Manual or handbook, - Policies and procedures, - Management systems, - Project plans. In the real world we have various names with unique descriptions and purposes when in fact they could be made to do a uniform direction for which actions are based for the entire IT initiatives, probably the longest in IT lifecycle is operation. The problem is our inclination on something else which is wrong. IT remains an IT area. Business remains a business area. The same problem is carried out when we conduct IT audit. Most audit are missing the gists in which IT is being used by businesses. We once said that an effective IT audit is conducted by IT people themselves but there is something wrong with that even. Business and accounting people have been doing it with a different bias and preconceived notions which doesn't make the cut for IT direction and audit respectively. Leaders play the same game and so the problem continues an

iPhone 6s devices, longest to receive operating system updates

The recent release of iOS 15.5 to iPhone 6s is not a surprise to owners as they may have known it from last year when it was announced that iOS 15 will still be available for these devices. Indeed, the longest software update , according to The Verge, for a smartphone. If you are one of those who still hold dear such device, kept and taken care of with the same shiny look when it was bought, not a mat and scratch allowed on the surface, you would know that there had been one single major issue as you are about to run the update. Not enough storage.  In order to get past storage limit, you'd delete apps and data until it already has the minimum space to continue the update. A factory reset is inevitable to others, due to the fact that even after deleting all data including big multimedia files, it is still deficient of storage space.  Don't forget to backup your most treasured data though, before deleting all content or resetting the entire system, to other devices such as your