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Could this be the greatest news for Earth and mankind 2023 beyond?

A scientific assessment of ozone depletion 2022 conducted by international organizations and government agencies says the ozone is healing.  The document's executive summary identifies the highlights including -Major achievement of the Montreal Protocol, -Current scientific and policy changes, -Future policy considerations.

Online information provided for stakeholders' consumption

It must relay the true meaning and real application necessary in the physical world.

We have probably all experience how to learn first thing about our plans before we go ahead and act. Like for instance, when we order something online, attend to some responsibilities for our organizations, communicate with people via video, chat and email including but not limited to asking stakeholders, very politely and sincerely, if there's anything else we can do to help further.

This online environment must make us work to facilitate and relay exactly what we expect and do in the physical world. What the online information is telling us should be enough to readily make a decision and act accordingly. This is especially true when people have to do it themselves, read relevant information and will go there, say store, or anywhere else, to perform the chores required. 

We cannot provide information online, when customers expect them to be a guideline or instruction to do something, that we know will have to change by the employees or custodian providing a product or service. This is a waste of time for everyone involved and a resource for the organization selling or providing a solution. Aside from the feeling of being irritated. We see this to many organizations, trying to ramp digital capability when simply what they are doing is really no impact to the overall expectations of the organization. Instead of being able to experience efficiency, it is the opposite, and just the start for further allocation of resource, and a seemingly steady spending moving forward. 

Apply CEOS, coherent, effective, organize and sensible solutions which should be determined by the people themselves but most importantly it must come up within a concerned organization first. It should happen when there is no apparent problem being encountered. Otherwise, the response is reactive and is a sign of deficiency in the responsibility of people involved. This requires stakeholders to work together then. Take note, no matter the number of people working together, or those people having decades of experience, to try to do something, though that seems very intimidating to most, if nobody can be regarded as knowledgeable to a goal, there won't be anything good that will come out of it. 

That can be tested by asking. Would it be proper? Will it be dependable? Is it satisfactory to stakeholders? Here stakeholder may embody an organization, its people and customers, initially, but there may be more and the experience must be openhearted, not lopsided.

Try to do an appointment, buy something or apply for a service that requires online and offline interaction. If the information provided online is exactly what they are during offline interaction, it's good. 

Avoid the typical example of a business conversation where the seller says something and its engineer do a different thing. The same thing for service providers whose been doing the same thing for as long as they exists and cannot improve a thing to the delight of customers. The self-proclaimed expert trying to say something s/he can never do whose penchant to amaze unsuspecting audience, being aware of its empty substance, knows no bound. This business-as-usual or modus operandi has been going on for a millennia or more. Look who's benefiting and feeling robbed or outright swindled, and the suffering that caused it, if any. Careful. 

This is an open-ended subject. Just think what you did previously or have observed and how was the experience or feeling.

With technology and digital services nowadays, even before digital transformation have become a buzz, they can be totally done online if you are dealing with a cloud/web-based or any system provisioned to be such a capable environment, remember that.

When are we going to learn? We can help you. Let's be serious for once. 


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