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Could this be the greatest news for Earth and mankind 2023 beyond?

A scientific assessment of ozone depletion 2022 conducted by international organizations and government agencies says the ozone is healing.  The document's executive summary identifies the highlights including -Major achievement of the Montreal Protocol, -Current scientific and policy changes, -Future policy considerations.

Expressed information is key

It must be a great deal, nowadays. Though, not easy to accomplish and as easy as we say it, not impossible to re/construct it considering all the resources being wasted and ruined unwittingly, as the most probable causes ever. Given that we always try hard to be understood every time.

With the COVID19 onslaught, or in any manner of emergency cases, it is very important for people to know where to find authoritative information. Mostly, we go to our government and organization's websites, the almost permanent fixture of our public information. We tune in to press conference and telecommunications' alert messaging on behalf of, or directives from the government and, its customers. Sometimes, the news would find us.

Governments, international organizations and multinational companies need to have a coordinated strategy how to dispatch information, which can be a guidance what needs to be done and anything special when it comes to the safety and welfare of everyone. Above all, crucial public assistance.

The consideration is that we all need a government and administration full of mushy ideas to communicate statutes and directives, not only addressing the problem itself but also how it will be understood by everyone without room for yabber and public speculation.

It shall be used with definitive elucidation of laws, regulations, standards setting or technical adaptation as well as implementation, and even the simplest organizations' policy. The procedures required to carry out, and to follow, the rules shall be made available for everyone. If new, training, and better form of disclosure and responsibility must be held into account.

The lawmaker, rulemaker and enforcer are familiar with any government in the executive, legislature and judiciary which may come in when there is a need to clarify conflicts and questions in the laws and public policies. The context can be very much alive in private enterprises as they develop and signify on their respective business code of conduct.

There are websites, social media to name the most popular medium to convey information and events. For a lot of us, our natural deference to the information being shared by a trusted friend has been always a gesture of approval. Even with fake news we received will be automatically forwarded to other friends and then it will go on and on. We know what that it will become, a viral news, and mostly induces infliction to the victim. With COVID 19 and the fake information we create and share, it is everyone's creation to our own detriment.

The online facilities we have at our disposal can be utilized for thoughtful coordination. However, there must be one that is considered to be central source, which then will be used and relayed by and through various media, and for consumption of everyone, in which we all need truthful and conclusive information.

Our usual with organization's communication's effort is that we produce documents for announcement, posting in offices bulletin boards and send it via email. While this is expected to be covering wider stakeholders, this will not reach everyone. With government and it's branches or agencies' communication's portfolios, it will not make the whole society well-informed. When this happen, and it sometimes does, rules and regulations are often interpreted differently, if not pillaged.

Communications medium and information dissemination must be made to assure not only those who decided and formulated the content. It must equally be made to assure the straightforward facilities with which it was built upon and is crucial for those who will execute them in the ground or frontline and the enforcer.

We all are victims of our own imprudent behaviors and instructions. In life-and-death situations, and important events to help people relieve of some unworthy processes, there is a need to formulate communications and information or knowledge properly so it will be absorbed faster if not instantly. Time is vital to others and not everyone is in the same asperity of space-time continuum.

An effective communication's initiative answers the most important questions the stakeholders have in any given situations. With immediate effect. Not delayed. Expressed communication is key on many fronts of governments, non-profit and private enterprises' goals. Even on individuals when tangible result is at stake. It's important to emphasize what needs to be tackled and achieved. What entails while they are being dealt with. What impact each of those can make for the succeeding activities moving forward.

It should provide explicit guidelines and help resolve misunderstanding as well as problems, and reduce if not eliminate risks to subjects being addressed. The ability not to further exacerbate volatile issues would greatly improve overall performance of everyone involved. There will be faster and more coordinated actions. The spirit can be highly diffusive.

It produces an instructional information and explicit knowledge for which any mission critical related event must prevent compromises, a favorite method for us when we don't seem to know how to lower our egotistical pricey resolved. Everything must be taken up, details and outcome are agreed upon against the unwieldy spread of cynicism and unforgiving enemy.

Application's at best, even better, on peaceful and prosperous universe. It will be more substantial in the use of, effective and efficient, always the most overlooked, probably, the only suite of appropriate words that can be an all-involved for our business dialectics. In the case of product terms and service agreements, communicating them for customers and buyers, what is expected on operating them and how proper maintenance can prolong their lifespan.

All of these constitute a responsibility for everyone regardless if we hold a position in our organization or society or none at all. However, communication cannot be without a lucid word for us concerned which is the norm, it's mostly just not enough everytime.

An intentional workaround can be a devise to hide the truthfulness of events, objects and their purposes. What cannot be prevented from substandard merchandise, labors and relevant services, agreements included, are unnecessary jargons that usually exists in the form of commercial and legal contracts, which professionals or creators are those select few who will only understand, too broad use of language it confuses others. A purposeful obliteration of comprehension of even the entrepreneurial, respectful boss of organizations and highly educated stakeholders.

Ideas from brilliant individuals may prop up and they may, as usual, as contrasting and contentious as they are. They have not helped in any plan and initiative to coordinate unified response toward the already known issue. Instead of pooling those ideas, tendency is that only few will make the cut, which is from the favorites, close friends or the result of shallow leadership and mindset. That is eristical garbage, normal for the so-called and self-proclaimed experts and populars whose work has never had anyone felt better. It only made things worse. The seemingly innocent, purposely working and silently, who can easily extinguished simple and big problems even with limited resources compared to big organizations must be worthy of consideration to take part in the whole of decision making process. With personal interests, jealousy and lack of confidence to self, experience and education have made this resource very hard and impossible to find.

Any small amount of complications, mostly ignored to grow, if not attended to immediately can be fatal to anyone. Also dangerous is the lack of solid belief in our own stead.

While an attack to ideas and to the person who is a source of information that are understood to be bad, which is ignored right away and is purportedly done always by the outcasts, these can be used to turn the tide into something more concrete to prevent future failures in communicating organizations' ideas and on every aspect of their existence.

The most apparent motivation for doing so without having to resort to obscurity whose design was about, regardless of the entity's interest in the contexts of personal, business, monetary form including but not limited to the inability of the authority to come up with some kind of conviction and that being righteous cannot be sacrificed especially if the well-being of humanity is at stake, when divulge with honesty, will be forerunner, and will be a leading example, in pioneering communication for and by future leaders, creating informed citizens, useful for and by society as a whole.

The subtleties injected in any communication may mean to preempt whatever is not clearly discovered yet in a certain event. And that they can be followed through with the reality that may come out eventually whether it was due to result of investigation or information provided generously by the stakeholders.

The combined use of varying communications platform with consistent messaging will enable people to be more vigilant in their surroundings. We must agree that humans want all the best possibilities in life. This can be achieved by beginning to be judicious in all things we do. There have been very few who has been doing this quietly and there are few now who is doing the same. The noises in our online world can help it if the centrifugal is somewhat moving to reverse the defective wonts.

Let us be sensitive to not be, not even a bit of imitated track of, the likes of the more popular satirical, untrustworthy and hopeless opinions, if not trigger-happy reports under the pretext of journalism, and by the wrongdoings of the stony and opportunistic beguilers. While such acts are being enjoyed, they will never be acknowledged as inappropriate. Much worse when this becomes the business of people and we hope this is not going to be allowed avowedly by our conscience. The public and whose creators as well as sources of information, when no better alternative is present, are easily swayed and overturned.


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