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A century ago robot was discovered

The art and liberal thinkers brings a very unique discovery, and their possibilities, to our world not knowing what makes them a reality to our future and that may have been turned down straight off by pessimist and cynics alike at first. Later to be further sought and proven by science and researchers or investigators, now including hackers, and make such notion, logically and practically useful for people's lives including the governance of their actions, their detriment as well in which we must work hard to prevent it from happening. For humankind's sake it must be addressed with steadfastness.  Human imagination, its transcendent and prescient abilities to device anything, for survival and comfort, can go as old from birth of humans and as far as our own kind's existence or at least we have the health of livable Earth where we can sustain life.  Read the link below, and see the date when the play staged 100 years ago will be replayed free online -  https://www.theguardi

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