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The center to the digital way of life is the billing system

We get our fair share to every single centavo in our captured electronic or digital activity-billing, -charges and -payments. All served through ingenuity or creativity, technology and automation--via business intelligence if not systems running artificial intelligence, or simply human intelligence. Fed by the people--authorities, customers, businessmen, financiers, technical and the nuisance induced by very poor technology integration buildup, which huge investment promises a highfalutin development is a great cloak to bleak corporality of technology leadership and operating expertise. The magnanimous flaw in corporate strategy is obvious. The unspoken possessiveness in profit is loud. To the contrary, people in technology must be expected to excel at it. They were trained and have been living it. When they fail, it is not about technology but their causal ability on business matter and probably relations to people that is lacking. The essential coupling in between business and techno

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