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Cloudflare maintenance in Atlanta datacenter

This post is a few minutes from the start of this event, in between 2023-08-17 05:00 and 2023-08-18 22:00 UTC, see .  If you use Cloudflare and watch the scheduled maintenance activity start or kicked in, you'd notice that resources got a blip, just for a second. They went out and a refreshed would make those affected resources return and its noticeable for websites.  In our end, everything seemed to be working fine, with a little, lag, if your eyes are set on to your traffic right now.  Here, we can see it's okay overall. Right?

Progressive web applications

 Just another way to make life easier in a technology environment. 

If you have been using internet browsers for your business applications i.e. ERP and technology platforms i.e. webmail, and it becomes tiring to go to your bookmarks every time, worse if you are still typing the URL for every website you visit repeatedly, then PWA may just be the answer for that.

PWA works with any general purpose computers like Windows, MacOS and Linux and with your mobile devices, too. When you are in mobile and having a hard time finding the PWA setup, simply switch to desktop screen and do it from there. 

How about if I already have dedicated applications and I don't necessarily used internet browsers? There is nothing we can do if there is no other way to do your work except for using the given application. In other cases like mail clients i.e. Outlook and Thunderbird, when your connection is rough you might want to try using PWA.

Applications like mail clients are heavier compared to PWA. The traffic that go through such applications uses some protocols i.e. SMTP and IMAP or POP to send and receive messages. PWA as in any web browser simply uses HTTPS, which is also what makes cloud computing a promising technology, appealing to new end-users to explore and adopt, is so straightforward, not only on the onset. Even when you build your system in the cloud, you simply go through the same path and the strain, due to limited resource on your end, that you may suppose may have impact to your activity, is barely felt.

For a bad internet connection, PWA would make access a little faster when dealing with such kind of services. 

Let's make this quick and be done with it.

Take note that the website, or any particular page, that you are trying to install must have already been applied and supported with PWA. Without this, you may not be able to enable PWA for it. Usually, you'd see them disabled or grayed out. 

You need to be on the website in order to install PWA with it. When it's done, your PWA could be seen as an icon in your device's "home".

If you are using

- Brave, go to menu by clicking to the three stacked horizontal lines, to the top right, find "More tools" then "Create shortcut".

- Chrome, same as Brave. 

- Edge, go to menu by clicking the three (3) dotted horizontal lines, to the top right, find "Apps" then "Install this site as an app".

- Firefox, go to these URLs (pick which is preferable for you, either 1 or 2) to learn more how to apply PWA with it.

- Opera, in the address bar, type "opera://flags" then search for "PWA", using lower case is fine, and you'll see "desktop PWAs app home page" then find and select "Enabled" from the drop down bar. Click "Relaunch" button below right. That's a start but the capability, as of posting, isn't available yet (we'll update this for sure).

This is just the overview of how to use progressive web applications. Later on, actually some are already here, and there will be more ways to make an online application to be installed entirely offline.


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