IT practitioners as decision-makers

While the IT practitioner is charged to the job, still the most responsible decision-maker is the organization’s senior management or business owner. It ensures a direction and/or strategy for the whole enterprise, its business objectives including but not limited to relevant activities. Meaning, the entire organization have set both, the job and strategy, correctly and diligently.

In our kind of work, the professional experience we have since been accumulating, we know firsthand that some decisions are left for the IT practitioners to make. 

When they do, IT practitioners need to counterbalance and be upfront what they have in their resources. What they create will have an impact to their organizations’ well-being. Worst, drastic to financials or bottom line. Their failure will be their companies’, too, and they don't want that to happen. Do they? 

As an aspiring IT practitioner, you already need to see what impact your surroundings are causing to your apprehensions or output and the prospect of your organization or business. As a practicing individual you need to appreciate and be conscious how you must be running your affairs effectively and efficiently. Or in the case of our industry, and the society as a beneficiary, that big, we must be discharging our duties and responsibilities decently.


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