Corporate governance of IT

A small and purely a consultancy firm (registered in Philippines), StrateGICT Company, says, the high level principles-based advisory standard, the Corporate Governance of Information (and Communications) Technology or the so-called ISO/IEC 38500 have taken its own place, along the many and earliest IT management systems e.g. ITIL, ISMS, QMS, et al, as a valuable resource particularly developed to aid, however not limited to, business owners and directors to achieve the paragon of, no matter how small or big the organization is, including how they can understand and coherently extend and discharge duties on, their strive in IT.

According to the standard, it must be effective, efficient and acceptable. Where each of the six principles namely:
1. Responsibility;
2. Strategy;
3. Acquisition;
4. Performance;
5. Conformance; and
6. Human behaviour;
in conjunction of their use of IT, should be evaluated, directed and monitored.


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