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Technology delivering technology

It has been every organization's goal, the industry where they operate included, to have a technology and help run and facilitate every, if not particularly the high-value, area of business.  Sounds just what technology is for almost everything that humans do, including their businesses. Right? It's what the technology team must do and they did.  However, some of the actions they are emulating doesn't seem to be true at all. It's still about technology for the sake of technology. This is not only wrong, it is breaking the very notion that technology is helping people and it is always there whatever they do. When technology arrives and they use it, what happens is the usual messy experience that they already had from the past, and to think they are now on the new ones and still encountering the same problem. Imagine why some organizations can do it better and had been always ahead. Meaning, problems are contained that people didn't even notice there was any, no matte

How did you do it?

That's the question you get from the people around you. 

That's when you first found a solution to a problem, discovered something useful for everyone, thought of new and more efficient process for work or business, overall. At work, regardless of what we do, this is every team member wants to do and in business wants their employees do.

We don't always encounter such an experience. 

This alone is already a problem. Even if they are working, someone with a good eye would easily spot it. 

In every organization, one can easily detect a pattern.

We, however, find that what we've learned and done would work anywhere and so we apply the same thing. We also find not long enough that this will become a problem, for employees to work long hours without any improvement at all and for business paying the price for not doing it right. 

Then, again, you have to use a good eye to even see it. Who would not be happy when everyone is clocking for long hours, isn't that a hard work? But what works doesn't necessarily equate to being effective, which can be replicated.

Efficiency, and other effective methodologies, have become more of a personal duty and this is only going to work for as long as that person is around.

No matter the reason for a business not trying to be efficient is not their employees' concern either, or the management's, and it's true especially if everyone is getting what they expected. That's usual.

How should we do it and be more efficient then and how do we retain it for a long time even after we are gone? Or, without getting off topic, how do we remain committed and consistent to creating positive results in our work, and as an aggregate, across the business? Result and outcome won't always make positive, we have to remember this. Can we see what's happening? 

We always get the same question from clients, from C-suite down and we always answer them, we can show you, you and your team can learn, your business can build and retain it without cost at all. Good for everyone and our businesses, really, especially now that life is only going with high-technology and so the relevant information that we ourselves must know.

Businesses, and even households, should make sure they have the right information, they know where to find them, to do their chores properly, and not be discouraged by painful experience of not being able to confidently deal with it, if not some failures trying to make use of technology from the past.


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