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How functional and secure AES is

How functional and secure AES is? The Philippine electorate will once again go to polls and decide who will lead the nation in the next six years of their lives. This important event which will elect new president, vice president and 12 senators for national posts, and seats are also being contested for provincial, city and municipal levels, is expected to be counted unofficially in 24 hours, concluded or canvassed officially in a few days or so but authorities and observers expected it to be done in less than a week. Last presidential election, it was known three days after close of election precincts. This is especially true for nation states, not only the Philippines, that conducts their elections using automated election or computerized-and-networked voting systems. In PH, the past automated elections were encumbered with technical issues and fraudulent results, uttered and written everywhere by many concerned and affected individuals and institutions alike. This time, we could say

Gmail's be careful with this message

You may have looked up at the conversations ( and!topic%2Fgmail%2FCBdMOdCbyW4) from Google support and community websites already.

There are no recommendations how to get rid of it yet. Most of the time the error would show when Internet browsers are used to read email messages. Regardless of the creator or developer.

There is nothing we can do about it for now, really.

This is probably a security mechanism to remind Gmail or GSuite email subscribers to not just open an email from anyone. Especially, those unexpected and unsolicited emails even if they appear to be coming from family members, friends, colleagues, suppliers and business partners.

We have observed that the "prompt" usually happens to majority of Microsoft-based Exchange email system being used by the sending party.

These are legit accounts, we have verified them, and even turned on or activated in their domain name system (DNS), the sender policy framework (SPF), which prevents email forgery.

Meanwhile, it is either ignore or simply select "looks safe", which will make the error gone, at least while on the message itself. Remember, only do that to messages, where their origin, you are certain are senders you know and expected. The error will only appear once the email message have been opened. Before opening the attachment and clicking on the link, if any, always double check the senders/from email address and the recipient/to email address.

Criminal knows how to trick unsuspecting and trusting end-users. Sometimes you even need to dig a little bit to identify them.


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