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Cloudflare maintenance in Atlanta datacenter

This post is a few minutes from the start of this event, in between 2023-08-17 05:00 and 2023-08-18 22:00 UTC, see .  If you use Cloudflare and watch the scheduled maintenance activity start or kicked in, you'd notice that resources got a blip, just for a second. They went out and a refreshed would make those affected resources return and its noticeable for websites.  In our end, everything seemed to be working fine, with a little, lag, if your eyes are set on to your traffic right now.  Here, we can see it's okay overall. Right?

Linux OS and Libre Office as antidote for counterfeit and outdated hardware, and the license-cost-aversed

 Counterfeit software is a katzenjammer no, neither in a production nor for personal use. We just don’t try it. It will suck up all the information we have been working on. Or we get redirected to an update server with full of malware on it. That’s the worse thing that may happen to any end-user who uses counterfeit software.

It’s counterfeit if we bought our software, either a Microsoft Windows or Office or other applications, those from Adobe, AutoCAD and a lot more, from the pavement vendor or stall in a mall but it’s a pirated copy. Copies we have in our possession but we really didn’t buy them ourselves are considered counterfeit because they can be detected as another installation from a different computer and it’s a violation to its license, especially for an OEM, a single setup with identification to the first hardware it was on.

We are not saying we can have everything in Linux for free. Some applications are still and only available in Windows operating system.

We are talking about Linux as a workstation for desktops and laptops.

It’s a good thing to use Linux operating system and Libre Office, together, we won’t have to worry how counterfeit software may do, say, to our computer and digital activity. They are getting better and better. The difference is if we are totally new to open source software, we’ve never used anything before from this, we’d need, maybe, sometime to acclimatize ourselves on their basic functions. But then we may find it very easy to use after we get our hands on it.

With the ability to follow instructions from the internet specifically how to create Linux installation media, we’re set for a new technology experience.

Before we proceed, just make sure we have backed up everything, first and foremost our data that’s considered important.

Then run the installation, follow the instructions or just simply click on next, or the arrow on the right side, depending on the variant of our Linux it may have been somewhere else, to proceed. There are a few things that we may need to understand during the installation process. If we want use all the physical harddrive that we have. We will also have the option to install every application that might be appealing to us especially for workstation.

There are other setup that can be chosen, like for instance, if we select server, we might be dealing with text only interface and if we are new, this is going to be disappointing, but don’t, simply reboot and go over the installation. We are learning and by trying whatever we can we will discover more about the whole possibility and that’s only during the setup.

For Libre Office, it’s usually included in the Linux installation with workstation setting, as mentioned earlier good for desktops and laptops.

They cannot be considered an alternative solution anymore. Every outdated hardware, which may still be very useful for us, at homes and offices are only going to increase once Windows 10 have reach end-of-support. It’s the last operating system that still uses old Trusted Platform Module and we’d have noticed it if we tried upgrading our Windows 10 to Windows 11, as is the previous case it’s being offered for free, we’d learn that it’s no longer possible.

If our hardware was bought with higher specifications, we might even get to explore virtual machines. KVM is a must try. It’s comparable to third-party virtual machine applications if not better that are popular with Windows, if we are not onto Hyper-V.

When Windows 10 reaches end of support, it will be vulnerable to malware and ransomware.

Let’s try Linux and Libre Office, the only obligation we have to make is time.

For a decent workstation, which Linux and Libre Office will make one, and they also get updated regularly just like Windows system and security update, and time is on our side, no doubt we’ll get better at it. If we like Mac computers and we never used it before, then feel it and be excited as if we are getting a new computer. That’s true and when we get excited, we can navigate our computers on our own with the help of the internet. Linux workstations have Firefox as its default internet browser and it will be ready when we are done with our installation and can really begin work with our new environment.

For Tumbleweed, it’s an openSUSE version, and Fedora, with Libre Office, we won’t even have to deal with any license, we don’t have to register anything. Their user interfaces are familiar, for Windows and Mac, respectively, they are almost their own cut out. Other Linux requires registration to get software updates but we don’t have to pay anything.

Okay, the installation is not possible for everyone.

We are here to help or anyone from our locality or office, who would be willing to extend a helping hand and install Linux for us. We just ask and give them something whatever it is especially if their livelihood is in computers, high-tech stuff. Not everyone realizes this when we are asking people in tech to help even during days when we are about, or time for us, to recuperate from the exhausting nature with which we are working non-stop. If not the only thing that we wanted to do, ignore realization and get help.


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