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Have you been using, or watching, as your primary resource to monitor your digital service performance, if not unscheduled downtime, for a long time, and have been going back and forth for it? It's where some people like us, technology savvy and the curious we knew, go to quickly learn about some digital services, whether household or corporate resource are being affected, and the impact of others, associated or not, with those in the current incident, as they are listed, either in the mobile app or its website counterpart.  Did you know that there are few services that never gets to the list, too? We'll give them 5 star if we can. While the majority of those companies and brands in its categories including telecommunications, finance, internet, social media and gaming, shows up repeatedly. This is true regardless of where your country, which a present disruption and instability is happening, the moment you checked the status of a service,  and if trying to be

Bluehost and Cloudflare DNS

 You have Bluehost, where you have bought and been running your internet services including website, mail, DNS, and some business applications including e-commerce or content management system, it can be anything possible with your acquired plan, which you probably had there from start. Very straightforward, you need not do anything from scratch to prepare and build your infrastructure.

Sometimes there are requirements that we have to do and we begin adjusting our setup without disrupting our business operations. While the job is about technology, the emphasis we will make will be every bit on business.

With Bluehost, as your registrar, meaning it is where you bought your domain name, usually bundled with your hosting or cloud platform, will let you go and configure the services you need right away. With any decent hosting and cloud providers, you can do this immediately and be done with a few online services in an hour or two while waiting for the full propagation of your domain existence, especially if your domain name is new, and its services to the Internet. Hosting and cloud service providers though can have a way to make that faster because of their superior technology infrastructure, beyond the purview of DNS alone.

If your domain name was registered with Bluehost, there is nothing to be done, except, bring your DNS records and manage it through Cloudflare. Doing this is simply changing your nameservers from Bluehost, which is your registrar, with those of Cloudflare’s. You have to create an account with Cloudflare first then add your domain name or in Cloudflare’s dashboard you’d see Website, top left, then Add a site, which is the top right button.

From those texts or records now available with Cloudflare, you can begin to familiarize yourself what every record mean to your DNS operation and how each internet or online service i.e. mail, CMS, etcetera should be responding. Your DNS is becoming the foundation of your overall digital space, with which your business will be depending on of its operating requirement, if you haven’t realized that until now.

When that’s done, every DNS record you have in Bluehost or wherever your domain name was registered and DNS is currently managed, Cloudflare will read everything and create an exact copy whatever those records are and make you prepare for your DNS to be finally controlled and managed from your current registrar to your new DNS provider, Cloudflare. You are just transferring DNS management here, not your domain name to Cloudflare.

And if your domain name was registered somewhere else, neither with Bluehost nor Cloudflare you still have to do that same procedure from fourth paragraph.

Then the final steps is to change the nameservers from your registrar, either with Bluehost or somewhere else, with those from Cloudflare. You’ll see instructions, what those nameservers be, and use them exactly, replacing whatever they are at your registrar at present.

Most of the time, your services would not be disrupted at all and so your end-users experience’s were not impacted with the activity. Still, it is good practice to notify everyone of such an activity taking place when and honestly tell what to expect based on Internet technology’s or industry’s standards on running and managing associated Internet Protocol suite i.e. protocols and services and when they are migrated from one provider to another, of course, this is not exclusive to Bluehost and Cloudflare.

New and non-experienced technology people, regardless of stature in their organization, doesn’t always appreciate the impact they make to their company when doing technology stuff. They are busy and tired, those non-experienced never even try to understand anything, and bosses just let them do what they have to do and be back to business. If they can even get there. Technical details can be intimidating to this group, and sometimes even to those working in technology who has been only performing based on the instructions and training they attended specific to their product. The result of such a method is a manifestation that a problem, it can be worse, will arise. Technology alone without any expectation from the business is a futile way to make technology facilitate business processes, in which a system production operation requires a lot more. It never worked and will not be, ever, forgetting its number one objective (we’ll have such context written in the future, this is our forte discovering and always doing the right thing, even in a complex and big environment, and it helped us a lot including our clients).


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