L8-10 in OSI model

The earlier pronouncements about the top 3 layers of the OSI model, L8-10 of the (bold texts are added here) made sense in our world nowadays. They constitute the real requirements where a computing practitioner must perform its job a little better to achieve stability and sustainability in business-enabling and related technological facilities.

Layer 8 - The individual person—Technical (but fundamental)
Layer 9 – The organization—Administrative
Layer 10 – The government and international standards including management systemsConformance or compliance

Without these, we never have been able to distinguished a job, that is final from the all on-going related tasks and non-stopping events concerning business-IT programs and projects. Much so for an IT operations that can be made upright until it fails, that's not having the regular maintenance it requires. Without the technical individual here, there is not much, even all the layers combined, can do for a business-computing systems that can be considered strategic, effective and efficient.


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