Cyber bill if pass require a worldwide effort

Following few statements about what the bill is by the authors. Since the Internet is of global in nature, a legislation that address global cyber crime may be needed. Also, maybe it can do good for all.

“Cybercrime must be a top priority for our national security,” Gillibrand said in a joint statement with Hatch. “If we’re going to protect our networks, our infrastructure, our economy and our families, we have to go after cyber criminals wherever they may be — and it must be an international effort."

“Cybercrime is a serious threat to the security of the global economy, which is why we need to coordinate our fight worldwide. Until countries begin to take the necessary steps to fight criminals within their borders, cybercrime havens will continue to flourish,” Hatch said.

One of the authors have reported how much New York businesses are losing because of cybercrime.

The U.S. law would be called, International Cybercrime Reporting and Cooperation Act.

In fact, prior to this law, there have been international efforts (e.g. draft and study) that addresses global cybercrime:
- The ITU toolkit for cybercrime legislation;
- The COE's project on cybercrime.

Council of Europe (COE) has also profiled how countries are doing with regards to their national legislation in cybercrime.
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