Fraud alert - iclassed

Navigate with its online resources and weblinks which brings you to different contents. Beware that nothing must go out of It will be stated explicitly and you'll be prompted if link goes outside.
We don't send unsolicited and spam mails, publicly share bank accounts or cryptocurrency wallet for donations and payments. They are probably our fans' doing and we politely ask anybody not to do it.
If ever, you are not sure about who's representing iclassed, please make sure to verify it with us. Most of the time, you will receive a note from us first before we send anybody, either to collect fees or attend to business concerns and assist beloved customers. This applies to newly engaged and contracted customers.
And please let us know if you see something that is not right in our website or via its legit messaging. We appreciate good deeds everytime and rewards awaits for those who do. Everyone needs it.
Remember, security and privacy is ingrained in iclassed business.
Enjoy and stay safe!
Excellent technical facilities and resources for our time.

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