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Security and privacy policy
Remember, security and privacy is ingrained in iclassed business. We keep customers information only with the following:
- Email address(es), of principal client and contact person(s).
- Contact number(s), of principal client and contact person(s).
- Company tax identifier.
- Company &/or principal client office/home address(es).

Customers in the context of iclassed security and privacy policy are current and prospective clients, acquaintances, referrals, sales agents, business partners, social media connections, special interest groups' (SIG) mailing lists in which communications or marketing purposes are made, mostly via email and text messages sent twice every year max, with the above-mentioned information. 
We do not keep business and technical data including databases, system configuration, operating and management styles, preferred products or technologies being utilized, authentication credentials; and our own, or iclassed designated independent consultant's, work output that was designed to be exclusive and private for clients: companies, business units, principals and relevant stakeholders.

We terminate all our very own access to clients' systems once job is finished. Even if clients retain engagement with iclassed afterwards.
We do not share any customer information regardless of their data classification whether or not subject to security and privacy policies, regulations, standards and international practices. Ever. 

iclassed.com and associated data assets utilizes and operates accounts with Google Workplace, Microsoft 365, Cloudflare and other internet resources in which iclassed proponents whose responsibility is limited and doesn't have complete control over such properties. Security and privacy policies and enforcement with these resources are solely managed by their owners or authorized personnel and third-party service providers. We, however, are aware of these resources so-called shared responsibility being encouraged or required for every service being utilized and operated by us or in cloud-based parlance any of their tenants.
Fraud alert
Navigate iclassed.com with its online resources and weblinks which brings you to different contents. Beware that nothing must go out of iclassed.com. It will be stated explicitly and you'll be prompted if link goes outside.
We don't send unsolicited and spam mails, publicly share bank accounts or cryptocurrency wallet for donations and payments. They are probably our fans' doing and we politely ask anybody not to do it.
If ever, you are not sure about who's representing iclassed, please make sure to verify it with us. Most of the time, you will receive a note from us first before we send anybody, either to collect fees or attend to business concerns and assist beloved customers. This applies to newly engaged and contracted customers.
And please let us know if you see something that is not right in our website or via its legit messaging. We appreciate good deeds everytime and rewards awaits for those who do. Everyone needs it.

Enjoy and stay safe!
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